12k News!

What’s up everybody?! There has been a TON of excitement surrounding the news that we’re now offering a 12k race option, and we’re getting loads of questions here at Iron Horse Headquarters! We wanted to take a shot at answering as many of them as possible! So lace those shoes up and try to keep up because we’ve got a lot to go through!

The Iron Horse is already awesome. Why add another race distance? Since day one, our racers have asked us for another distance. With such a gorgeous location, there’s always been a huge demand for another, shorter race distance so that an Iron Horse experience is within reach for runners who train for shorter distances.

I’ve never run a 12k. What is that in miles? A 12k is 7.45645 miles, but really, who wants to remember that? We go with 7.5 miles. Keep in touch with us on social media so you don’t miss the 12k training plan we’ll be releasing soon in coordination with John’s Run/Walk Shop!

Alright, so a 12k is 7.5 miles. Weird distance. Why that far? We’re so glad you asked! We settled on a 12k for multiple reasons! We decided that if we were going to offer another distance, it needed to provide the same signature Iron Horse experience that everyone has grown to love. Starting and finishing in small town USA, running alongside Thoroughbreds and Derby winners, the rolling hills of Kentucky, and quintessential Bluegrass scenery. That’s quite an order to fill, and to deliver, we needed to run the entire first half of the course, finishing back in Midway. We then realized this second race distance was meant to be when it ended up being a perfect 12k!

Will another race crowd the course? Fear not! One of our greatest priorities with the Iron Horse has always been that our race is of the highest quality we can provide. We have years of experience with this race, and know exactly how many runners our course can hold, while still feeling relaxed and comfortable. Our race directors are using this information to determine how many participants to allow in each race, so that we can provide a race that isn’t overcrowded.

Most important question yet. Do I get a medal? You do! There will be a medal for all 12k finishers! It will be different from the Half Marathon medal, but will still be custom made and tie in to this year’s artwork for the race.

A 12k sounds awesome, but I’ve really destroyed my training plan, and I’m ready for the Half Marathon. Can I switch if I’m already signed up for the 12k? Absolutely! We truly love hearing running success stories, and want to provide our racers with every opportunity to further their running achievements. Due to the cost difference of a providing a longer distance (insurance and course management for our runners’ safety) you will be asked to pay the difference between your initial signup payment, and the current Half Marathon rate. There will be no transfer fee for a switch to the higher distance. If you would like to process a transfer to the higher race, you must contact info@ironhorsehalfmarathon.com by October 1st. In addition, if your transfer is not processed by August 1st, we cannot guarantee you a custom bib for the race.

I’m signed up for the Half Marathon, but I’d rather run the shorter distance. Can I switch to the 12k? As long as you let us know before October 1st, you are more than welcome to swap to the 12k. Because we have already planned on providing you the longer Half Marathon distance, we will not be able to refund any difference between the Half Marathon price and the 12k price. For the first week that 12k signups are open, there will be no transfer fee to drop to the shorter race. However, there is a $10 transfer fee to move from the Half Marathon to the 12k after May 8th. In addition, if your transfer is not processed by August 1st, we cannot guarantee you a custom bib for the race. Please contact info@ironhorsehalfmarathon.com to process a transfer.